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American Wealth CS Inc, a research, innovation, and development firm’s mission is to enable individuals and business entities associated with it to obtain above market returns on their investments.

What We Offer

Personalized Portfolio

Customized portfolios for unique investment goals and preferences.

Management Services

Expert management solutions for optimal financial performance.

Unique Investment Goals

We help you achieve your specific investment goals.

Risk Tolerance, and Time Horizon

We assess risk tolerance and tailor strategies accordingly.


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Why Choose Us

We provide specialized investment services crafted uniquely for you.

We will accomplish this goal of above market returns through our investment in research, innovation, and development of unique products. These will include cutting edge, advanced analytical capabilities in portfolio management, forecasting, recommendation engine for investment decision making, and AI driven business intelligence analytical reports. We will also participate with our clients in Investments in capital markets, trading, and arbitrage trading.

The financial industry is constantly evolving and there is a lot of room for innovation. We bring value by providing cutting edge technologies and solutions to the investment domain and with constant research. Research and innovation is key in providing us with unique offerings for our customers to leverage in their investments.

As an R&D based company, we will continue to invest in improvements to our portfolio management software, with the aim of expanding our product offerings and enhancing our competitive edge in the capital markets.

The business goal is to make investments in building a portfolio of applications for portfolio management through advanced analytics, recommendations, and forecasts. These will seek to offer better financial return opportunities by leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in solving business intelligence problems. We will demonstrate the features and benefits of our products by utilizing our unique arsenal of tools in managing our own internal portfolio of investments.

Our target markets are high net worth individuals who are looking for niche products needed to manage their portfolio of investments efficiently and profitably. We will offer our services to corporate entities who provide trading services to their institutional clients, such as pension funds and endowments. These firms can better serve their customers by offering guidance in their investment decisions by leveraging our unique products and services offerings.

Our founder has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and the financial domain. He has advised top fortune 100 companies in solution implementation. Our goal is to leverage his knowledge of the financial markets and his IT expertise, to assemble a group of IT developers who can harness the potential of AI into investment tools to generate above average returns. This suite of products will utilize proprietary algorithm(s) developed in-house which can analyze market trends and guide informed investment decisions.

Our timeline is to have a fully developed suite of offerings by the end of our second year of operation. After this internal research and development phase, the company’s goal is to commence implementation of the suite of products and services with interested clients. These clients will have participated or learned of our products/services during the R&D phase.

We will then generate revenues through management fees, performance fees, and commissions on trades since our product will be a Software as a Service (SaaS) based product which we can customize for each customer’s needs and wants

Products & Services

Personalized Portfolio Management

Tailored investment strategies to meet your unique goals and preferences.

Cutting-edge Technology

Advanced AI-driven software for real-time analytics and risk management.

Expert Guidance

Experienced investment professionals dedicated to maximizing your returns.

Transparent Reporting

Regular updates on portfolio performance, risk management, and fees for full transparency.

Continuous Innovation

Ongoing research and development to identify new investment opportunities and strategies.

Trust the professionals

Reliable expertise guiding your financial journey with confidence.

Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?

Seeking professionalism and quality? American Wealth CS Inc. delivers excellence.

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