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Innovate, Empower, Prosper, Transforming Investments with Advanced Technology and Expertise.

American Wealth CS Inc, a research, innovation, and development firm’s mission is to enable individuals and business entities associated with it to obtain above market returns on their investments.

We will accomplish this goal of above market returns through our investment in research, innovation, and development of unique products.  These will include cutting edge, advanced analytical capabilities in portfolio management, forecasting, recommendation engine for investment decision making, and AI driven business intelligence analytical reports.  We will also participate with our clients in Investments in capital markets, trading, and arbitrage trading. 

The financial industry is constantly evolving and there is a lot of room for innovation. We bring value by providing cutting edge technologies and solutions to the investment domain and with constant research.  Research and innovation is key in providing us with unique offerings for our customers to leverage in their investments.  

As an R&D based company, we will continue to invest in improvements to our portfolio management software, with the aim of expanding our product offerings and enhancing our competitive edge in the capital markets. 

The business goal is to make investments in building a portfolio of applications for portfolio management through advanced analytics, recommendations, and forecasts.  These will seek to offer better financial return opportunities by leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in solving business intelligence problems. We will demonstrate the features and benefits of our products by utilizing our unique arsenal of tools in managing our own internal portfolio of investments. 

Our target markets are high net worth individuals who are looking for niche products needed to manage their portfolio of investments efficiently and profitably.  We will offer our services to corporate entities who provide trading services to their institutional clients, such as pension funds and endowments.  These firms can better serve their customers by offering guidance in their investment decisions by leveraging our unique products and services offerings.

Our founder has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and the financial domain.  He has advised top fortune 100 companies in solution implementation.  Our goal is to leverage his knowledge of the financial markets and his IT expertise, to assemble a group of IT developers who can harness the potential of AI into investment tools to generate above average returns. This suite of products will utilize proprietary algorithm(s) developed in-house which can analyze market trends and guide informed investment decisions.

Our timeline is to have a fully developed suite of offerings by the end of our second year of operation.  After this internal research and development phase, the company’s goal is to commence implementation of the suite of products and services with interested clients.  These clients will have participated or learned of our products/services during the R&D phase. 

We will then generate revenues through management fees, performance fees, and commissions on trades since our product will be a Software as a Service (SaaS) based product which we can customize for each customer’s needs and wants

About Company

We are on the mission to make each and every individual or business entity associated with us to become very affluent and wealthy

Our mission is to provide high-quality portfolio management services to a range of clients, while leveraging our unique portfolio management software to deliver above market investment returns.

We are committed to ongoing research and development(R&D) to stay ahead of the competition and continually improve our range of product offerings.

Our focus is on delivering above market value to our clients through a combination of professional expertise(functional and technical), technology, and personalized customer services

Company philosophy and vision

We trust in the importance of providing honest, transparent and ethical investment management services to our customers.

With the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and continuous innovation to drive better investment returns for our customers.

We are committed to nurturing an environment with continuous learning and professional development among our team members.

With a strong ethical and honest environment we bring in a culture and open for ideas and always strive for success with lots of dedication in making the entire ecosystem very successful.

Our vision is to become a leading R&I(Research and Innovation) investment management firm known for its innovative advanced portfolio management software and exceptional asset management services.

We aim to be a trusted partner to our customers, streamlining personalized investment solutions and delivering above market returns.

We envision a future where technology(Artificial Intelligence) and human expertise work together seamlessly to optimize investment decisions and drive financial success for our customers and investors.

Company goals

Develop and refine the advanced AI driven portfolio management software to deliver above market investment returns for our customers, and become a leader in the industry with advanced research and innovative technology solutions

Build a strong reputation in the market for exceptional asset management services, focused on personalized services and transparent communication with customers with highest level of customer service to achieve best customer satisfaction

Expand the customer base and increase assets under management by effectively marketing the company’s unique value proposition to high net worth individuals and institutional investors

Build a team of experienced investment professionals who share the company’s commitment to research, innovation, ethical business practices with focus on continuous learning and utmost customer satisfaction

Develop and maintain strong partnerships and collaborations with other financial services firms and technology providers to ensure the company stays at the forefront of industry trends and best practices

Maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements and industry standards, and continually assess and update the company’s policies and procedures to ensure adherence to the highest standards of ethical and legal code of conduct

The long term goals are to diversify into other investment markets such as real estate

In the short term, manage the funds within and build the products and leverage the products internally to raise capital and invest and grow as a captive company

President’s Profile

Management & Organization

Mr. Swamy, the company President, is widely respected for his exceptional honesty and unwavering trustworthiness, qualities that form the bedrock of his leadership. He openly discusses the situation and his consistency in aligning his words with actions is a hallmark of his character

When he commits to a project deadline, he not only meets it but often exceeds expectations. This reliability has earned him the trust of both employees and customers alike

Swamy has nurtured an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns and encourages ethical decision-making. His meticulous approach to financial matters is well-known

Swamy strongly believes ‘Once the Integrity is lost, Rest is a piece of cake’. He ensures the company complies with all financial compliance regulations, and he has implemented robust internal controls to prevent any misconduct. Under his leadership, the company’s financial reports have consistently been transparent and accurate

Building trust extends beyond the company as he has fostered enduring partnerships with customers, suppliers, and investors by consistently delivering on promises and maintaining open lines of communication

He not only promotes the company’s core values but lives by them. His dedication to the organization’s mission and vision is evident in every decision he makes, inspiring employees to rally behind a shared purpose

Swamy has a masters degree in Computer Applications and vast experience in implementing the solutions in various technology and functional domains and has extensive knowledge on Capital Markets with drive for innovation

Worked with various fortune 100 companies in implementing the cutting edge technologies. Excelling in providing solutions for complex mission critical applications within time and budget with all the non functional and functional requirements with regulatory compliance

Having vast experience in the Solution Architecture space, gave him an edge in architecting and implementing robust digital technologies and platforms

Swamy brings a wealth of experience to the table and his interests extend beyond the business world, he’s an avid swimmer, soccer and tennis player who appreciates the strategic aspects of these sports to maintain his competitive edge and passion for sports shines through in his leadership style emphasizing the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the organization

Swamy designates himself as a Solution Architect, he has earned a stellar reputation in the industry, reflected in his recognition as his unwavering honesty and trustworthiness have been pivotal to our company’s success. His commitment to ethical leadership, open communication, and adherence to our values have not only earned him respect within the organization but also cemented our company’s position as an industry leader

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