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Personalized strategies, advanced analytics, and AI-driven portfolio management services.

Products & Services

Continuous research and development in streamlining the products and services in the capital markets which includes the following products and services:

Portfolio management( API to be able to integrate easily with any products with advanced micro services and micro front ends)

Offering personalized investment strategies tailored to each customer’s financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon

Our portfolio management approach incorporates sophisticated risk management techniques to mitigate downside risk while maximizing returns utilizing cutting-edge risk analysis tools and methodologies to identify and manage potential risks, ensuring that the customer’s portfolios are well-protected against market volatility and economic uncertainties

Diversified portfolio management in building a resilient investment portfolio. We provide access to a wide range of asset classes allowing customers to diversify their portfolios across different investment opportunities and reduce concentration risk

Offering continuous monitoring of client portfolios in an automated fashion, and proactively rebalancing guidelines to ensure alignment with their investment objectives and market conditions.

Tracking portfolio performance closely, market trends, and economic indicators, making timely adjustments to optimize returns and minimize risks

Advanced portfolio management software typically offers a range of features tailored to meet the needs of investors and financial professionals

Allows users to track the performance of their investment portfolios in real-time, including stock, ETFs, options and other asset classes

Provides tools to assess and manage portfolio risk, including risk analytics, value-at-risk (VaR) calculations, stress testing, and scenario analysis with advanced technology

Helping customers optimize their asset allocation strategies based on investment goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions

Offering detailed performance reporting and analysis, including benchmarks comparison, attribution analysis, and historical performance tracking

Assisting in evaluating portfolio diversification across different asset classes, sectors, geographies, and investment styles

Automating the process of rebalancing portfolios to maintain target asset allocations and minimize drift

Providing tax-efficient investing strategies and tools to minimize tax liabilities, such as tax-loss harvesting and tax-efficient asset location

Generating customizable customer reports, including performance summaries, portfolio holdings, and investment insights and future recommendations

Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, including data security, privacy, and reporting regulations for compliance

Integrates with various data sources, custodians, trading platforms, and financial institutions to streamline data aggregation and processing

Allows users to model different scenarios and assess their impact on portfolio performance, such as changes in market conditions, interest rates, or economic factors

Advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide personalized investment recommendations, predictive analytics, and risk forecasting

Offers mobile apps or responsive web interfaces for convenient access to portfolio information and management tools on smartphones and tablets

Facilitates collaboration and communication among team members, advisors, and customers, including shared dashboards, messaging, and document sharing

Provides flexibility to customize features, reports, and workflows to meet the specific needs of individual users or organizations, with scalability to accommodate growth and changing requirements to meet the market expectations

Algorithmic trading

To automate the trades with the algorithm driven and making use of the machine learning techniques for gaining faster and accurate results

Arbitrage trading

One of the segments to take advantage of the faster computing power and machine intelligence to capture the market opportunities

Stocks, Derivatives trading

Options trading with advanced strategies and stock trading with highest risk management techniques

Recommendation Engine and Forecasting

Building a solid recommendation engine and forecasting system with advanced AI capabilities to study the market conditions and individual stock performance and to be able to provide the recommendations on the sectors and the underlying assets

AI based BI Advanced Analytical Reports

  • Artificial Intelligence based advanced reporting like
  • Trades with future projections
  • Profit and Loss projections
  • Recommendations for the above market returns
  • Back testing strategies
  • Walk-Forward, Bayesian Optimization
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Bootstrap Sampling
  • Ensemble Methods
  • Outlier Detection and Filtering
  • Risk Management
  • Risk management with appropriate hedging techniques
  • Diversification of the portfolio
  • Asset management and asset allocation
  • Dynamic, Strategic, Tactical and goal based asset Allocation techniques
  • Mean-Variance Optimization
  • Factor Rotation Strategies
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

 Once the investment strategy is in place, we will oversee the portfolio of investments to ensure that it is meeting the target goals and objectives

 We take on high levels of risk in pursuit of higher returns, so taking care of  risk management is a crucial part of our operations. We use a variety of tools and techniques to manage and mitigate risk, including hedging and diversification even in a highly volatile market conditions

 Promptly report the performance to investors on a regular basis, monthly and quarterly. This helps investors understand how their investments are performing and allows them to make informed decisions

 We manage excellent customer relationships with investors. A dedicated team will communicate with customers and investors, answer questions, and provide regular updates on the investment’s performance and operations to get their buy in and better stakeholder management

 We pay regular dividends making sure the investors are receiving the profits on a continuous basis to stay motivated in investing

 We use a variety of investment strategies and techniques, such as long/short strategies, arbitrage, derivatives trading, asset allocation, security selection etc., and will generate above market returns. Our research team researches and develops these strategies and determines how best to implement these strategies and implement risk free techniques in achieving the target goals

 Our portfolio management software will be a key differentiator in the market, and will allow us to make informed investment decisions based on a proprietary algorithm

 We continue to invest in Research and Innovation for the improvement of our software to stay ahead of the competition

 Product/service features and benefits and the product roadmap

We offer personalized portfolio management services to our clients, tailored to their unique investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Clients can expect a customized investment strategy based on their specific needs and preferences

We leverage our proprietary portfolio management software to help clients achieve their investment goals. The software will provide real-time analytics and risk management, enabling the firm to quickly adapt to changing market conditions

We focus on ongoing research and development to identify innovative investment solutions for our clients. Our investment professionals will constantly be looking for new investment opportunities and strategies to help clients achieve their goals

We provide transparent reporting to clients, with regular updates on portfolio performance, risk management, and fees. Clients can expect a high level of transparency and accountability from the firm.

We employ experienced investment professionals with a strong track record of delivering returns to clients. Clients can expect a high level of expertise and professionalism from the firm

We focus on delivering strong risk-adjusted returns to our clients. We will prioritize managing risk while seeking out investment opportunities to maximize returns

  1. Unique Selling Propositions(USP)
  2. Best personalized Customer Service
  3. Risk management with proper hedging and stop loss techniques
  4. Dedicated team
  5. Trust building
  6. Software and Artificial Intelligence built automated investment strategies avoiding human errors

Product roadmap for advanced portfolio management software involves outlining the key features, enhancements, and developments planned for the software over next year and half with parallel testing in the capital markets

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